Other services


As well as translating documents into other languages, we can also proofread and correct your English documents. Whether you need us to check and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, or need a professional to ensure that your terminology is consistent, that the typography is correct, or want stylistic improvements to ensure that you get your message across – proofreading is an essential service for any document that is to be published.

Our services are not limited to the written word:


Interpreters translate orally from one language into another. Our interpreters usually work on-site at conferences, events and in market research. There are three main modes of interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreters

sit in a sound-proofed booth listening to the speaker over headphones and interpret the spoken word immediately into a microphone. The listeners hear the translation through headphones.

Whispering interpreters

sit or stand next to the listener and whisper the translation simultaneously. A portable interpretation system is used if there are several listeners.

Consecutive interpreters

take notes during the speech and give their translation into the target language either during pauses or at the end. This is the most time-consuming form of interpreting.


provide verbatim transcriptions of the spoken word. Examples of areas where transcriptions of audio documents are needed include interviews for publishing companies and market research institutes.

Other language services

are available on request.