ISO 9001 / ISO 17100

Your translation office in Hamburg

At Textra, we are fluent in more than 40 languages. Our translation office in Hamburg works with carefully selected translators and interpreters who take pride in translating expertly into their native language. Through this network of professional linguists we can provide services in a wide range of fields and industries, and in many different languages.

We also offer copy editing, interpreting and a range of other language services.

What motivates us?

Over 30 years ago, 16 young translators decided to join forces and set up a translation agency: Textra. Most of the original founders are still part of the team. We remain true to our original vision of delivering excellent work to our customers, while ensuring good and fair working conditions for those who provide the translation services.

Over the years, we have established a network of more than 300 hand-picked, highly skilled translators with over 40 native languages whom we pick according to the requirements and specifications of our clients.


Our philosophy

We love our work, we take it seriously and we believe in a pro-active approach. Our aim is to deliver high-quality translations that exceed our clients’ expectations and to build long-term business relationships.

We place great value on friendly and constructive communication with our clients. At Textra, you know that you will always be talking to an expert who understands your needs. A text translated into six languages simultaneously, but the German needs to be proofread meticulously beforehand? We’ve got you!

Our philosophy also includes ensuring a good working relationship with our freelancers, who enjoy working for Textra because they know we never view them as a cost factor but appreciate their valuable contribution and support them. We know that if you take pleasure in your work, it usually turns out well.

Our language and translation services


Specialist texts require not only perfect language skills but also sound expertise in the relevant subject areas. Thanks to the more than 300 specialist translators in our team, we can offer professional translations in numerous special areas, industries and an astonishing number of language combinations.

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Text optimisation

Whether you need a professional final edit, want an expert to check and improve your document, or have a machine translation that needs an expert to meticulously check and correct it – Textra is the right address.

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Whether remotely on digital platforms or in person, from market research to conferences or interpretation at an appointment with a health care provider: in many languages we can support you by translating the spoken word.

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Other language services

We subtitle videos in a wide range of languages, localize your software, provide certified translations of documents and ensure your slogan has the effect you want it to have in other countries and languages.
These services have been part of our portfolio for decades. The respective pages on this website are currently under construction.

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Translations into many languages

Arabic Chinese Croatian
Czech Danish Dutch
English Finnish French
Greek Hebrew Hindi
Hungarian Indonesian Italian
Japanese Korean Lithuanian
Norwegian Persian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian
Serbian Spanish Swedish
Thai Turkish Ukrainian

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Photo Textra staff: Karim Akerma

Julien Karim Akerma

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Eva Borrallo

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Ute Chikhi

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Anke Glinka

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Erika Liesegang

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Wolfram Nöldeke

Certified translation agency with a quality pledge

We are committed to delivering dependable, truly excellent quality, and so our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 standards. We focus rigorously on transparent processes and structures as well as internal knowledge management. That being said, we are also committed to maintaining full flexibility and short decision-making channels that make work more pleasant and speedier for everyone involved.

We check all translations to ensure they are complete, the original layout is maintained and the spelling complies with the latest standards; we also check to ensure the accuracy of the translation.

If required and at an additional cost, we also process translation projects according to the strict guidelines of DIN EN ISO 17100. This standard is based on a mandatory review of the translation by a second, qualified translation specialist, who compares the translation in detail with the original.

This what you get from us:

  • Dependable service

    Friendliness, commitment, cooperation and reliability are the hallmarks of how Textra works. You can depend on us to handle even difficult and complex assignments scrupulously and with great care.

  • Qualified professionals

    We personally select a language expert who is an ideal match for your project; most of our translations have been working with us for many years.

  • Translations by native speakers

    Übersetzungen werden bei uns nur in die Muttersprache gemacht. Damit Ihr Text sich authentisch liest und auch in den Feinheiten stimmig ist.

  • The highest level of confidentiality

    The protection of the information entrusted to us is of the utmost importance to us. To maintain this, Textra has NDAs with its translators and a dedicated server for secure data exchange