ISO 9001 / ISO 17100


Here is a selection of clients we have had the pleasure of working with for many years:

Bosch CM

Navigation systems, infotainment, vehicle connectivity, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – manuals, data sheets, and corporate communication as well as localization of display and voice-control texts in up to 40 languages (human-machine interface)


Claudius Peters

Engineering: operating manuals, declarations of conformity


Fette Compacting

Engineering: brochures, customer and employee magazines



Lifestyle magazine: translation of journalistic texts into German


Möhrle Happ Luther

Attorneys: contracts, writs, deeds, corporate website, company presentations


Ontras Gastransport

General terms and conditions, contracts, tender documents, brochures, press releases, PowerPoint presentations


Plan International

Articles for the Journalists’ Award of the Ulrich Wickert Foundation, reporting



Content to Results GmbH

Customer and employee magazines



Home appliances, cosmetics and services: employee magazine, internal communications, press releases, websites


Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation

Translation and proofreading for the exhibition catalogue "The Cool and the Cold. Painting from the USA and the USSR 1960-1990".