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High-precision text optimisation by language professionals

Texts are written for a wide variety of purposes and can be aimed at a wide range of different target groups and readers. It goes without saying that the information provided should always be correct – but to be truly effective, it takes a little more effort.

At Textra, we edit, improve, correct and proofread according to your requirements to ensure that your words have the impact you want them to have.

Text "Regret nothing" is tattooed on an arm, but with a typo: nohing instead of nothing

What is professional text optimisation?

Any content that is intended to be shared with others must be easy to read, contain no spelling or grammar mistakes, be idiomatic and – ideally – clear, simple and unambiguous.

Additional requirements can include a language aimed at a specific target group, a uniform style, the inclusion of specific company terminology – also known as corporate language, and the use of gender-sensitive language.

We will be happy to discuss your key needs and principles and propose solutions for specific linguistic or typographical questions. All your preferences are noted in a dedicated style guide, which forms the basis for all future projects.

If you have a good command of a language and translate yourself, it still makes sense to get a native speaker to check the language, especially for anything intended for publication. Sometimes little things like a different decimal notation for numbers can cause big misunderstandings.

As a minimum requirement, a machine translation always requires a comparison with the source text to ensure it says what you intended it to say. It is important that we know how your text was created so that we know what to look for when checking and optimising it.



What editing and optimisation services does Textra offer?


Proofreading involves minimal intervention in your text. We check and correct spelling and punctuation, ensure clear grammatical references and compliance with typographical standards such as the use of the correct inverted commas.

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Copy editing

In addition to correcting errors and omissions, we also edit the style of your text to ensure it has the right impact, from press releases, advertising proofreading for a special target group, a scientific proofreading or an annual report. This service can also include gender-sensitive editing or proofreading to ensure that your corporate language has been used.

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Post-editing is the process of editing machine translations. The primary aim is to compare the translation with the source text to ensure that the content is correct. There are also other quality variants. You decide yourself whether the terminology should also be standardised and to what degree the language should be optimised.

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Foreign language proofreading / editing

You’ve written an important text for your website in English and want to have it checked again by a native speaker? Or your language-loving trainee took it upon themselves to translate the data sheets into Spanish? You probably need our foreign language editing services!

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Final editing

Has your text been finished, checked and typeset? Then all that’s left before publication is a final polish by a copy editor. Our editors check meticulously to make sure there are no hidden mistakes, that the line breaks are correct, and that the spelling and typographical elements in the headlines and lists are all consistent.

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Your benefits

  • A highly trained eye

    Professionals see more than normal readers and have strategies that help them not to miss any mistakes.

  • A high degree of linguistic competence

    Our professionals apply their language skills to ensure that your texts achieve the desired effect.

  • A solid grasp of all the rules

    Our professionals are at home in the realm of dictionaries and style guides, DIN standards and typographical subtleties.

  • A professional result

    The sum of these skills will convince you and your audience.

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