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Professional translations

The foundation of every good translation is that the person translating it has a sound understanding of the text, both in terms of the language and the content. In addition to a perfect command of the language, specialist texts require extensive specialist knowledge of the respective subject area. With more than 300 expert translators in our team, we can offer high-quality professional translations in many specialist areas and a wide range of language combinations.



Translations by native speakers

By studying a language and living abroad for many years, people can attain such a high degree of fluency that in conversation few notice that they grew up somewhere else. Ultimately, though, only a native speaker can master the subtleties and nuances of a language. That’s why Textra adheres firmly to the principle of translating only into the native language.



Why should you get professionals to do your translations?

Even tiny translation errors can have unpleasant consequences, cause significant financial damage, have legal repercussions or a lasting negative impact on your image. This is why we believe in putting our clients’ projects in the very best, professional hands.

We work with excellent freelance translators. Many of them have a degree in translation, others have studied medicine, law or engineering or have many years of professional experience in their field. What they all have in common is that they are proficient in at least one foreign language at the highest level.

We also know our translators well and know what they do in their leisure time: some are amateur photographers, others cycle, are lay ministers or talented musicians. This can be useful if we are asked to handle specialised or unusual topics, as it means we can match the project to an expert who is familiar with the subject

Your benefits

  • Professional competence

    The translators understand your text, ask meaningful questions and deliver a finely tuned translation aimed at your specific target group.

  • Correct and consistent specialist terminology

    We take your corporate terminology into account, use your homepage and other written documents as a basis and research terms for new technologies.

  • Professional software

    Professionals use professional software such as CAT tools, which ensure terminological consistency through translation memories. Repetitive texts can be taken into account to reduce the price.

  • Certified quality management

    Our quality management is certified according to ISO 9001. On request, we can also carry out translations in accordance with the strict DIN EN ISO 17100 standard.

Can specialist texts be machine-translated?

Depending on the language combination and subject area, neural machine translations deliver results that can be astonishingly good linguistically. However, even in common language combinations such as English to German, once you get past the good first impression, inconsistencies and errors begin to stand out:

  • Inconsistent terminology: the same term is translated differently in the text.
  • Terms with multiple meanings are misinterpreted.
  • Ambiguous sentence constructions are wrongly interpreted.
  • Complicated sentence constructions are misunderstood.
  • Style registers are jumbled up. Formal and informal forms of address are used randomly.
  • Cross-sentence references, such as pronouns, are incorrectly assigned.
  • Figures of speech are translated literally because their meaning is not recognised.
  • Proper names are translated

If you want to use machine-generated translations, we strongly recommend that you have them revised (post-edited) by a professional, who will at least ensure that the content is consistent with the source text.

Our professional translators use modern tools to produce technically correct, linguistically appropriate and terminologically consistent translations. They may also selectively use machine translations, which are then carefully and responsibly checked and edited.


How does Textra ensure strict confidentiality of the information entrusted to us?

Confidentiality is a high priority. As a matter of principle, we never share information with third parties, and we require our translators to sign NDAs.

Sensitive texts and information can be exchanged via our own secure server, and we will be happy to send you a link to upload your files. Data can also be exchanged with translators in this way. The server is located on our premises, so your data is well protected.

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