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Your interpretation office: professional and experienced

We have been providing interpreting services in Hamburg and throughout Germany for over 30 years. With our large network of qualified interpreters, we can cover numerous languages and specialist areas.

We can support you at your events, conferences, market research studies, business trips or wherever professional language competence is required. 



Lächelnde Dolmetscherin mit Headset

What kinds of interpretation services does Textra offer?

Simultaneous interpretation

Possibly the highest form of interpreting: here, the interpreter listens and simultaneously speaks the words in the second language along to the original.

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Whispering interpretation

An interpreter sits next to the individual and whispers the translation into their ear. No technical equipment is needed.

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Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter takes notes during the speech and then provides their translation into the target language either during pauses or at the end.

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Bilateral interpretation

The interpreter works for several people in a negotiation, changing the language direction as needed.

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Remote interpretation

The interpreter has an online connection to a face-to-face or online event.

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Over-the-phone interpretation

A form of oral interpretation where the participants take part in a telephone conference.

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Certified interpreters

Used mainly for official and notarial matters as well as for court appointments.

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Escort interpretation

Escort interpreters accompany the client on business trips, doctor’s visits or any place where a foreign language is needed.

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Conference interpreters

Work either consecutively or simultaneously. As this work requires the highest degree of concentration, these interpreters usually work with team partners, swapping every 20-30 minutes.

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Expert interpretation services: which fields does Textra cover?

Textra has a large pool of highly qualified interpreters throughout Germany who interpret at conferences and negotiations or accompany individuals and small groups on a variety of assignments.

A special focus of our interpretation services is market research, a field in which we provide our services to many well-known companies. Our experienced colleagues interpret for focus groups and individual interviews on topics ranging from car clinics and a variety of consumer topics to expert panels in the pharmaceutical sector. Depending on the client's requirements, they work either on-site or remotely via an online platform.



Your benefits

  • Precise comprehension

    You can be sure that all speeches are correctly understood and reproduced.

  • Highest linguistic quality

    Your interpreter is highly skilled in both languages and communicates fluently

  • Professional appearance

    With confidence and cultural competence, your interpreter makes an excellent impression on the international stage.

  • Interpreters for all occasions

    Not all interpreting is the same. Textra has the ideal professional for any language, segment and situation.