Football fans know that success requires good players and a coach who can motivate the team, putting each player in the best position for his or her skills.

We’re much the same. We work with excellent freelance translators and interpreters from a wide number of areas. Many have a university degree in translating, others are physicians, journalists, lawyers, engineers or specialists in other subjects, who as well as being experts in their relevant field speak at least one foreign language from which they translate into their native language.

We also know our translators well, and know what they do in their leisure time: some are amateur photographers, others cycle, are lay ministers or talented musicians. This can be useful if we are asked to handle specialised or unusual topics, as it means we can match the project to an expert who is familiar with the subject.

Our office team in Hamburg knows the strengths and skills of each of the language experts we work with down to a T, and they ensure that each individual project progresses smoothly – and culminates in superb results.

Here are the people who will be managing your projects at Textra: